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January 2017: Tips, ENews & More!

Happy New Year!

We hope you enjoyed the holidays and that 2017 is off to a positive start for you and your family. As well, we would like to wish all our patients celebrating "the Year of The Rooster" Kung Hei Fat Choi.

Around this time of year we're all striving to make positive changes in our lives by adhering to a New Years Resolution, but how often do we stick to them? How often does anyone achieve their New Years goals?

Did you know that last year...

  • 60% of adults say they'll make a resolution but only 40% follow through in setting their goal.
  • Just 8% of people achieved their resolution.
  • 39% of those who were successful are in their twenties, while 14% are over the age of fifty.
  • 47% of resolutions were related to education and 38% were related to weight.
  • 75% of people stick to their resolution for the first week and 64% make it one month.
  • The most important resolution was to see your dentist for an annual checkup.

Okay, we made that last one up, but now that you mention it click here to schedule an appointment.

You can find out more about new years statistics at statisticbrain.com.

Wishing you all the best this new year,

The Team at Hillcrest Dental Centre

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At Hillcrest Dental we are always looking to improve our methods of communication. We are now contacting patients for appointment confirmations via email and/or SMS. You have the choice to receive appointment confirmation via text or email.

Please contact us let us know what your preferred method of communication is.

Are Your Teeth Appearing Taller?


Are your teeth appearing taller due to receding gums? You may think it is a natural part of aging, but there are several things you may be doing to increase the rate of your receding gums.

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Kung Pao Chicken


Celebrate the new year with this spicy chicken and peanut kung pao! It is easy to make, and you can be as sloppy with the measurements as you want. They reduce to a nice, thick sauce. Feel free to substitute cashews for peanuts, or bamboo shoots for the water chestnuts. You can't go wrong! Enjoy!

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