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Filling and Restorative Dental Procedures for Richmond Hill Kids and Adults

With restorative dental practices, we can help you in improving your oral health substantially. This branch of dentistry deals with processes that are meant to repair damaged or decayed teeth. Our team of dentists offers professional restorative dental procedures for children and adults in Richmond Hill. At Hillcrest Dental, we are a family-friendly team of dentists that loves their clients and cares for them.


Our team prides itself on the use of state-of-the-art machines and best-in-class products that are widely used by dentists worldwide. This allows us to stay up-to-date with all the changes and quickly adapt to new technology as well as dentistry procedures.


You can call to schedule an appointment with our dentists today so that they can examine and suggest a suitable oral treatment for you.

Restorative Dental Services

Our dentistry services are aimed at repairing and restoring your teeth. We take care of chipped or broken teeth by installing implants, dental fillers, crowns and bridges. Given below are some of the restorative procedures that we can help you with:


Decayed, damaged or cracked teeth can be easily repaired with crowns. They can be used to cover implants, support large fillings and more. Crowns are made out of materials like resin, metal and porcelain. Our dentists can provide you with crowns at an affordable cost, saving a seriously damaged tooth and medical expenses.

Happy women after her bridges


Are you looking to replace a lost tooth? Dental implants are surgical components drilled or attached to the jawbones so that fixtures such as crowns, facial prostheses and dentures can be held in their place. Trust our dentists who are well versed with sedation procedures to minimize the pain, and give us a call for installing your’s today.

Dentist with patient after crowns


If you have a missing tooth or two, bridges are a practical, affordable and effective way to replace them. Unlike implants, getting bridges installed is less intrusive. Our dentists can help you with high-quality dental bridges to get aesthetic and functional benefits. We use the neighbouring teeth to anchor the bridge down in its place.

Old women happy with her implants


Excessive clenching, grinding or biting your teeth is referred to as bruxism. This is a widespread problem among children and can subside on its own. But for adults, the intervention of a dentist may be required. We can help you overcome bruxism by offering the best-fit nightguards and other dental treatments.


Cavities can be painful, but by cleaning out the area and filling it with dental fillers, our dentists can help you avoid them. Fillings can also help you repair cracked or broken teeth. You can choose from different materials for your fillers like gold, composite, amalgam or ceramic.

Little girl getting her teeth fillings
Smiling women after her inlays


Onlays refer to indirect restoration but are used for managing a larger area. It has all the benefits of inlays but is a lot sturdier and longer-lasting option. Your damaged or decayed teeth can get repaired with this procedure. Onlays are usually made of porcelain, gold or ceramic and you won’t even notice anything different after getting them done.


This is an indirect type of restoration and is used primarily for premolars and molars. Inlays are suitable for repairing a tooth that has too much damage to support a filling but not enough for a crown. Inlays generally cover fissures and pits of the damaged tooth. Our dentists can help you get inlays that can prevent any further damage to the surface.

Smiling women's dental care

Post Major Restoration

Keep these things in mind after a major restoration:

Teeth and/or the treated area could be sore for a day or two.

Post nitrous (laughing gas) treatment.

In case your bite isn’t perfect, call us for adjustments.

Don’t eat large meals just before or after a procedure that involved nitrous gas.

Have a proper rest before leaving our office.

Are you looking to get restorative dental procedures done for better oral health? Don’t wait and simply get in touch with us today !

Recover Your Lost Smile

Damaged or decayed teeth can take your smile away, but our dentists can help you recover it.

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