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Save Your Teeth with a Root Canal in Richmond Hill

A root canal is one of the recommended and effective dental procedures for saving teeth and avoid severe damage. Some customers may be anxious about the procedure however, our team of dentists can minimize the pain using techniques such as sedation . Our staff can handle children as well and provide them with minimal discomfort root canal treatment. Our family-friendly team is a great choice for taking care of the dental needs of your whole family. You can call us if you ever need a root canal in Richmond Hill. Hillcrest Dental Care is always ready for new patients.

When Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

If you feel pain in your gums or teeth is affecting your day-to-day life, it is time for you to visit a dentist. Our dentists can help by conducting an oral examination to determine the exact location that is causing the problem. After that, root canal surgery will be performed if required.


You should book an appointment with us if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

Pain while biting

Inflammation around gum

Swelling on your face

Sensitivity to cold and hot beverages or food

After a root canal, you can experience discomfort near the treated area for about 24 hours. You can use over-the-counter medications for pain relief. You will have a complete restoration of your teeth promptly. In case of persistent discomfort, reach out to our dentists at Hillcrest Dental.

Stress-free Root Canals

Our experienced dentists can help you get minimum pain root canal treatment for better oral health.

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