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Your Go-to Dental Cleaning Centre in Richmond Hill

A beautiful smile can leave a strong and lasting first impression. Even though you take excellent care of your mouth and smile, your teeth may turn yellowish as you grow older, or with habits like smoking. This can easily be reversed with simple dental cleaning at Hillcrest Dental in Richmond Hill.


We understand that many dental problems don’t become visible or cause pain until they are in more advanced stages. Examples include gum disease, cavities and oral cancer. Regular visits allow our dental to help you find early signs of any disease and get the problem treated at a manageable stage. Our team of family-friendly dentists and hygienists is well trained and quite experienced in all the dental procedures that we have to offer.

General Dentistry Services

We work with children and adults to offer them primary dental services like oral exams, cleaning, whitening and more. You can reach out to our team and get the following general dental services:

Oral examination

It is recommended to get a complete oral health checkup done regularly. We conduct thorough examinations to identify dental diseases or problems quickly. Doing this every six months can keep your teeth strong and healthy for a long time.

Beautiful women after oral examination

Periodontal examination

If you are experiencing inflammation or any other problems related to your gums, make sure you contact us for a periodontal examination. Our dentists are experienced with periodontal procedures and can help you get the proper treatment in time before the issue worsens.

African - American girl getting her dental check-up
Little kid getting oral examination

Oral cancer examination

Many people around the world are affected by oral cancer, a deadly disease. A routine oral cancer examination from a professional dentist is the right solution to identify early signs. The dentist will look for the red and white patches inside your mouth and collect samples. These samples will be tested to see if they are cancerous or not. Our dentists are adept at identifying oral cancers and suggesting an appropriate treatment on time.

Periodontal examination

Tooth examination

Our dentists can help identify the hidden issues in your teeth so that you can get timely treatment and medications. This also means that you can avoid the conventional pattern of fillings or extractions, which can prove to be costly and may also end up in the loss of valuable teeth.

Biting, chewing and grinding check

Many people grind, bite or chew their teeth when they are sleeping. It can be caused by a deficiency of Vitamin D or even anxiety. Our dentists can help you identify the problem areas and provide you with the necessary medication or therapy to better help you.

Happy smiling kid
Male patient smiling


A tooth can look very healthy on the outside but can be decayed from the inside. X-rays can help quickly identify any problem that cannot be seen externally. Using imaging technology in healthcare enables dentists to analyze even the most minor issues. Through x-ray’s, our dentists assess jaw placement, roots, teeth and facial bone composition. This allows them to create personalized treatment plans.

Dental cleaning

Your teeth can get stained due to wear and tear or as you age. To remove the yellowish hue off of your teeth, you may need to get them cleaned by a professional. We offer budget-friendly and professional dental cleaning services in Richmond Hill. Connect with us if you want teeth that look as good as new.

Dentists showing teeth x-ray to patient
Happy boy with dentist

Pediatric dentistry

This branch of dentistry deals with the oral health of children. We have a TV and kids playing area on our premises to make your child feel happy and welcomed in our clinic. We can help children with all the basic and advanced dental procedures they might need in their growing years, from oral examinations to dental cleanings.


If you ever feel like you need any of these dental procedures, make sure that you give us a call . Our family-friendly staff is always there to help you or your kids get gentle dental care. 

Complete Dentistry Under One Roof

We offer many general dentistry services that can help you improve your oral health significantly.

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